Apartment for rent in Luanda Angola

Soho apartments are located in Cruzeiro Luanda, which is considered as one of the safest and calmest neighborhoods in Luanda’s city center.
Each apartment for rent has an amazing view of the Luanda.

Facilities of Soho building:

  • 6 residential floors (consisting of 10 2 bedroom apartments (T2), 10 1 bedroom apartments (T1) and one 4 bedroom penthouse)
  • One office floor
  • Gym
  • Beautiful terrace with communal areas BBQ etc
  • Underground parking
  • Elevator with a capacity of 12 persons
  • Entrance lobby
  • 24/7 Security services
  • Wifi connection for the whole building.

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The building consists:

Every apartment comes with a 24-hour security services, fitness center and a rooftop terrace for a perfect view of the Luanda. In addition we offer all-inclusive payment for all of our properties, which makes this the perfect solution for an expat which is moving to Luanda Angola.

These apartments are everything an expat can ask for in for in Luanda. Soho building consists of two, three and five bedroom apartments for rent, located in one of the best locations of Luanda Angola.

Additional Facilities

Each apartment for rent is fitted with air conditioning which is needed for the tropical weather of Luanda, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, fridge, a flat-screen TV and two private bathrooms with shower. Microwave and oven are also offered, as well as electric kettle, washing machine & dryer.

Parking Space

The building consists a big parking floor, with enough parking space for all of the tenants and their visitors.


Crime is a very real concern in Luanda, which is why the safest living is in housing compounds or apartment buildings. These can be easily secured and protected with a security staff.

If you’re an expat being sent to live in Luanda Angola, don’t worry – we are here for you. Y.B.E will provide you all the necessary security needs. 24/7 security services in each apartment. We work with the best and most reliable security companies in Luanda Angola.

Why Y.B.E?

Y.B.E specialize in corporate apartments and office spaces for rent in Luanda Angola. We understand the region better than anyone to we make all our tenants feel at home through all their stay.

A little about Cruzeiro Luanda

Cruzeiro is a small neighborhood located between Miramar and Kinaxixi.

Why Cruzeiro is so popular for expats?

It’s one of the best and safest areas in Luanda Angola and its very popular for expats, also because It’s very close to the Marginal, Sonils Base, and many embassies such as of the US, France Portugal, Italy, Japan, Germany and others.

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