Guest House for rent in Vila Alice Luanda Angola

Filipe Guest house is very well located in Vila Alice in Luanda Angola. Is is located 5 minutes from Luanda airport.

Filipe Guest House Facilities:

  • Single Bill to all services provided
  • Vehicle Parking spaces
  • Dining Room
  • Cooks and services staff
  • 24/7 Security services
  • Wifi connection for the whole building.

The guest house includes:

Filipe Guest house consists of suites for rent, located in Vila Alice, one of the best locations of Luanda Angola. This fully renovated suites is everything an expat can ask for in for in Luanda.

All of the suites comes with a 24-hour security services. In addition we offer all-inclusive payment for all of our properties, which makes this the perfect solution for an expat which is moving to Luanda Angola. 

Filipe Guest House Suits includes:

At Natalia guest house all of the rooms are equipped with desks, fridge, air conditioning, a wardrobe, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, bed linen, towels.

We offer a unique collaboration between the best catering companies in Luanda and our own cooks and services staff.

As our client you are free to choose your own menu from a wide range of dishes and update it as often as you wish.


Crime is a very real concern in Luanda, which is why the safest living is in housing compounds or apartment buildings. These can be easily secured and protected with a security staff.

If you’re an expat being sent to live in Luanda Angola, don’t worry – we are here for you. YBE will provide you all the necessary security needs. 24/7 security services. We work with the best and most reliable security companies in Luanda Angola.

YBE specialize in corporate apartments and office spaces in Luanda Angola. We understand the region better than anyone to we make all our tenants feel at home through all their stay.

What to do in Vila Alice Luanda?

Vila Alice is one of the best areas in Luanda Angola. It contains mostly houses.

Great restaurants in Vila Alice:

Be sure to check out – Vasku’s Restaurant, Pappa dons, and Restaurante Ethiopian for some nice cocktails.

There is no shortage of things to do with a short drive from Vila Alice such as the popular history museums such as Museu da Moeda or the amazing view of Luanda’s bay.


Looking to Rent a Guest House in Luanda Angola?

Look no further, all of our team is dedicated to help and serve, please feel free to write or ask us everything you wish.

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