Offices for rent in Talatona Luanda

Offices for rent in Luanda Talatona – C-View Project

  • modern neighborhood close to the ocean
  • includes many residential, business and commercial projects
  • located, right next to Belas Shopping, the biggest shopping mall in the areas
  • Entrance lobby
  • 24/7 Security services
  • Wifi connection for the whole building.

Click on the following link to check the building’s apartments.


All of the offices are at the top of the art level in Luanda, we provide end to end management for our customer’s need, so they can work with ease.



Crime is a very real concern in Luanda, which is why the safest working in offices buildings which are secure. These can be easily secured and protected with a security staff.

If you’re an expat being sent to work in Luanda Angola, don’t worry – we are here for you. YBE will provide you all the necessary security needs. 24/7 security services. We work with the best and most reliable security companies in Luanda Angola.

YBE specialize in corporate apartments and office spaces in Luanda Angola. We understand the region better than anyone to we make all our tenants feel at home through all their stay.

A little about Talatona Luanda

Talatona is an city and municipality in the province of Luanda, bordering the Angolan capital, Luanda. Talatona has a population of approximately 500 000 inhabitants.


It is further subdivided into the urban districts of CamamaFutungo de Belas and Quifica.


Looking for an office in Talatona Luanda?

All of our team is dedicated to help and serve, please feel free to write or ask us everything you wish.

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