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Large and Spacious Offices for Rent in Maculusso, Luanda

Ponticelli building offers modern and well-Equipped large office spaces for rent, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a high-Quality workspace in this prime area, Maculusso neighborhood, which is in Luanda’s city center. 

With a wide range of office spaces available, the choice is completely up to you. So whether you’re looking for a small office or a large private office space for rent, Ponticelli building offers customizable workspaces for teams of all sizes.

From 50 sqmImmediate entryNo realtor fees Including management fees and property taxes.

Property Details:

  • These Unique Offices Include:

    Creative Working Environments With A Unique Entrepreneurial Spirit. These fully furnished offices are everything you can ask for in for in Luanda, Angola. Ponticelli building consists large office spaces for rent, includes both open layouts and private office spaces. All of the offices are fitted with air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, fridge, and more.

  • Prime Location

    Maculusso neighborhood is considered to be very safe, with a lot of famouse hotels, historical sites, Great restaurants etc. Located in Luanda's city center. There is excellent food in the Maculusso neighborhood, restaurants with a varied menu from KFC to Lebanese food, you will absolutely find everything there. A favorite place in Luanda to live and work.

  • 24/7 Security Services

    Y.B.E. will provide all the necessary security needs. 24/7 security services! Y.B.E. works with the best and most reliable security companies in Luanda Angola. We understand the region better than anyone to we make all our tenants feel at home through all their stay.

Availability and Pricing:

Type: Large Offices for rent | Customizable workspaces for teams of all sizes.

Rooms: From 50 sqm

Address: Maculusso, Luanda

More to know: Prime location, Big parking space, Gym, 24/7 Security services and more.

Available from: 25 Oct, 2023

Price: Please Contact us for further details.

A Little About Maculusso, Luanda:

This great area is one of the favorite destinations in Angola, Maculusso neighborhood is considered to be very safe for both living and working, many shopping areas, excellent restaurants of all kinds, international hotels, historical areas. A modern neighborhood that is constantly looking to renew itself.

Why Maculusso is one of the most popular areas in Luanda?

Maculusso neighborhood is defined as the center of the city. Very safe area to be and it is one of the preferred areas in Angola, even as tourists there is a lot to see and experience from this wonderful place. A lively place that is fun to spend time in and experience all the best that Angola has to offer.

Large Offices for Rent in Maculusso, Luanda

Additional Facilities

Ponticelli building consists top of the art gym with comfortable workout environment.

Y.B.E. also offer a unique collaboration between the best catering companies in Luanda and our own cooks and services staff. As our client you are free to choose your own menu from a wide range of dishes and update it as often as you wish.

A big parking space is available for all the tenants and their visitors.

Key features:

Y.B.E. maintain a high standard of property maintenance and housekeeping, enabling our guests to experience privacy in a tranquil and clean environment.

Ponticelli building has a beautiful social area equipped with an open lounge areas with sofas, dinner tables, Flat screen TV, a nice lounge with air conditioning, a modern kitchen and much more.

Prime location in Luanda, Angola

If you are looking to rent an office in Maculusso, Luanda, these offices are everything you can ask for in Luanda, Angola.

24/7 Security Services

Crime is a very real concern in Luanda, which is why It is always recommended to rent offices with security services. The security guards of Ponticelli building will always be happy to be at your disposal for anything you need.

If you are looking to rent an office in Luanda, Angola, don’t worry – we are here for you. Y.B.E will provide you all the necessary security needs. 24/7 security services. We work with the best and most reliable security companies in Luanda, Angola.

Especially Suitable For:

Ponticelli building is one of the best properties in this area, very popular especially by International companies considering expansion to Luanda or Entrepreneurs and startups seeking affordable office solutions in Luanda Angola. 

Why Y.B.E?

We take care of your office, so you can take care of business! With over 25 years of experience, Y.B.E specialize in corporate apartments and offices for rent in Luanda Angola. We understand the region better than anyone and we make all our tenants feel at home through all their stay.

Some of our clients:

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