Best Apartments & Offices for rent in Luanda Angola

In YBE we offer the best fully serviced apartments and offices for rent in Luanda Angola.

YBE provides apartments and offices for rent especially for expats living in Luanda Angola. Every apartment is of the highest standards, with full management and maintenance, security and a lot more

Why Us?

All our apartments and offices for rent include end to end delivery for all of our customer needs while living in Luanda

  • Management
  • Catering
  • Telecommunications
  • Security
  • 24/7 availability
  • HSE Oriented

Full Management & Maintenance Services


We provide a wide range of telecommunication and security related services, from Satellite to optic fiber communication in all of our apartments and offices in Luanda Angola. We also operate with all local communication service providers for TV and internet subscriptions.

Full Management & Maintenance Services

YBE provides 24/7 availability management and maintenance services and give our clients peace of mind to deal with their core business in Luanda Angola. We guarantee the best experience an expat can have.


We will provides all the necessary security needs. 24/7 security services in all of our rented apartments and offices. We work with the best and most reliable security companies in Luanda Angola.

You will deal with your business

We will take care of the rest.

YBE is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
All of our client base have remained satisfied for the many years and we are very proud of record providing top-tier customer service and satisfaction in our apartments and offices.


Mr Ben Eli and his team have significant experience and truly understand the local and regional culture and are always accessible for supporting our activities they really believe and implement the well know slogan of ‘always exceed your customers expectations’.

The company does an excellent job, is always punctual and offers competitive rates. The main advantage of working with them is their commitment to customer satisfaction.

We have found YBE to meet our ongoing accommodation needs continuously, they are very flexible, helpful and experienced and we are happy to recommend YBE as a key supplier for accommodation.

Finding your future office or apartment was never this easy

Our Clients


Looking to rent apartments or an office in Luanda Angola?

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