About Maculusso Luanda

The Maculusso area is a must-visit neighborhood in the downtown area of Luanda, full of stories and memorable buildings.

Y.B.E Angola offers a wide range of Offices for rent in Maculusso Luanda. An amazing location for workers in Luanda. Following are some details about Maculusso neighborhood –

The History of Maculusso

Maculusso is a neighborhood in the territory Luanda that arose during the time of Portuguese colonization in Angola.

During colonization, the Portuguese built neighborhoods for the population (dealers, preachers, officers and others). It was on this way that the first buildings in the Maculusso started.

These days Maculusso is one of the best neighborhoods to live or visit in Luanda. The area has phenomenal houses, historic locations, hotels, restaurants and more.

What to do in Maculusso Luanda

Visit Largo da Independence. It was in the independence square that in 1975 the president of the Republic of Angola (Dr. António Agostinho Neto) announced freedom for individuals. It is also named Largo do 1º of May.

Visit Shopping Chamavo: It is one of the oldest shopping centers in the city of Luanda. It is located in Ho Chi Minh Avenue.

Our Offices for rent in Maculusso Luanda

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Y.B.E Offices Standards

Each office for rent is fitted with air conditioning which is needed for the tropical weather of Luanda, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, fridge and more.

We maintain a high standard of property maintenance and housekeeping for our carefully designed offices. Enabling your workers to experience the best working environment.

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