About Cruzeiro Luanda

Cruzeiro is a small neighborhood in Luanda Angola, located between Miramar and Kinaxixi. Y.B.E Angola offers a wide range of Office spaces for rent in Cruzeiro Luanda. An amazing location for workers in Luanda.

Why Cruzeiro is so popular for expats in Luanda? 

It’s one of the best and safest areas in Luanda Angola and its very popular for expats, also because It’s very close to the Marginal, Sonils Base, and many embassies such as of the US, France Portugal, Italy, Japan, Germany and others.

Our offices in Cruzeiro Luanda

If you are looking to rent offices in Cruzeiro Luanda, our offices are everything a worker can ask for in Luanda.

Y.B.E Offices Standards

Each office for rent is fitted with air conditioning which is needed for the tropical weather of Luanda, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, fridge, a flat-screen TV and two private bathrooms.

We maintain a high standard of property maintenance and housekeeping for our carefully designed offices. Enabling your workers to experience the best working environment.

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