About Miramar Luanda

The Miramar area is one of the most special areas in Luanda. From one side you can see the preservation of the identity and culture of a local people. From the other it has top of the line building with staggering view of the ocean.

Y.B.E Angola offers a wide range of beautiful furnished Offices for rent in Miramar Luanda. Why will it be an amazing location for your employees?

The History of Miramar

Located in the district of Cazenga, in Luanda. Miramar area is quite possibly of the best area in the city of Luanda. Generally as a result of its urbanity, notable spots, as well as the different leisure conditions it offers.

Since the colonial times, the area of Miramar has been viewed as a prestigious neighborhood. Miramar has high-class houses, strict security and places brimming with history.

Embassies in Miramar

Due to the high standards of the area and the security it offers, there are a lot of countries which have decided to state their embassies in Miramar. such as: Federative Republic of Brazil.

What to do in Miramar Luanda

While visiting the notable Miramar area, whether for recreation, work or for residing, you will unquestionably be charmed by what the spot brings to the table.

Visit the Urban Oasis Garden for a fun and relaxing walk.

Our offices in Miramar Luanda

If you are looking to rent an office in Miramar Luanda, our offices are everything a worker can ask for in Luanda.

Y.B.E Offices Standards

Each office for rent is fitted with air conditioning which is needed for the tropical weather of Luanda, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, fridge and more.

We maintain a high standard of property maintenance and housekeeping for our carefully designed offices. Enabling your workers to experience the best working environment.

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